“Dare to be different”-The first word that comes in my mind  about this line is unique. Before STEVE JOBS died he told TIM COOKS-chief executive of APPLE “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT”. Why do you think APPLE stands out? It stands out because its different and with that look where they are now , making loads of money!!Why was VINOD MEHTA made  the top editor of OUTLOOK MAGAZINE(one of the beat magazines) and why not others? This is because he had his own style of writing and he was different than others. DHONI’s HELICOPTER SHOT- now that’s being different. What people really for you is you being different. Don’t copy others. She’s got her own way of doing things, If you are impressed learn from her but be different!! Nowadays people tend to judge very quickly before getting to know them, What they really look in you is whether you’re being different. That’s what made people like OPRAH WINFREY,STEVE JOBS,VINOD MEHTA,DHONI and so many other people stand out!! And look where they are now!! SO SMALL TIP OF ADVICE LEARN TO BE DIFFERENT BECAUSE WHEN YOU ARE TRULY DIFFERENT THAT’S WHEN YOU ARE YOURSELF! COCO CHANNEL said “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”.


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