Seriously , I’m starting to get pissed. All that girls do these days is take pictures , waste their time on deciding to put which picture on INSTAGRAM , TWEET and follow people on twitter , FACEBOOK and TEXT!!!!! Everyday when I go to school I see a group of decent  girls who more than just glamour. And there are the set of girls who talk about stuff nobody cares about. the funny thing is that all the girls who hear their trash talk actually and talk bad about them to other people. Adults themselves don’t do all this crap. I mean seriously they are such plastics and fake people. I read a study on how much girls get affected with all this drama they’re doing.

After all, you hear a lot about what experts, advocates and researchers think about tweens and technology — maybe it’s time to ask the girls themselves.

The main attraction of phones is browsing and social networking, according to the middle-school aged girls, who had either feature phones or a tablet device with Internet access. Two of the girls did have a Facebook account, but as Lauren said, “Facebook gets boring,” and they all agreed: their favorite place was Instagram. They’ve used the photo sharing app for about a year and said it is the best place to connect with all their friends. Since they join with nicknames, they thought photo-sharing social network was more secure. None of the girls knew Facebook bought Instagram last year.

Can you believe girls these days absolutely so no interest in studies these days. I actually find it funny but I just hope none you become like that!!!!



  1. hahahaha I totally agree with you, but thinking on the bright side, they are no competition for girls like you (not me, I’m lazy), cuz all they can do is marry a rich guy, and there are lots of those who want smart girls. These girls are just the society showcase, they think that by beeing pretty, they have the world in their hands. Hunf, poor them… So stupid and innocent (ok, thats probably not true)…

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