The Gift

Every one of us on this beautiful planet receives a gift from God. Now this gift is not like the “Jimmy Choo” from your mom or the “Audi car” from your dad. This gift is entirely different. This is a gift you can never give away, never waste and never hate. It’s called “talent” .Like it or not, God has given it to you and He gave it with some advice: ”USE IT IN THE RIGHT WAY AND ITS NON-REFUNDABLE” !Some of us unleash it and discover and experiment this talent quickly but for some still have it buried maybe because it has not yet been discovered or you’re just too shy to show it to the world. Now let me tell you the hard truth: You don’t have an audience! Nobody is going to wait for you to reveal your talent. You are only doing it to earn a place in this world and to make yourself happy! Your talent maybe a big or small contribution to the world but to you it is big. Push away all the doubts and setbacks from your mind! Make sure you put it to the best use and protect your talent and don’t let anybody tell you the other way. So go out there and unleash your talent and remember its no-refundable!


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