What Is Hope?

If I were to define myself in one word it would be hopeful. So I went around asking people what hope means to them and these were some of the replys: “Hope is something you hold onto”,”Hope is what keeps you going”,”Hope is the way you think of life”.Some people didn’t even know what hope is but that’s the only thing they are always dependent on.Now you see God invented hope only for one reason.It took me some time to find out that reason and to understand it.To me hope is the one thing you can never let go and how much ever you try it clings on to you even in the deepest of situations.Generally speaking hope is easy to find,but only if you believe.If you believe anything is possible but if you hope you find happiness along with it.Now halfway through this article you must all think that this is something you already but then ask yourself this:WHAT IS HOPE?DO I HAVE ENOUGH HOPE?Ask yourself where you find hope.For me I find hope in someone’s genuine smile,I find hope when I’m with the people I love but most importantly I find hope when I’m happy!When you find hope the world is together!So as I come to the end of this article I’m not going to tell you what hope means,See that is something you must find out by yourself!So have hope because it can change your life!



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