Let’s just put away the trash talk,the memes,the false rumors aside and think about the actual situation we have at our hands.A few months ago Mr.Donald Trump became the President by winning the American presidential election and now occupies a very important place in the world.He has successfully won over Hilary Clinton and now he’s been given the power to change the world.Only question is, Would that change be a a change for the better or for more destruction?There have been n number of accusations and wrong things said about him.Don’t get me wrong,I’m not his supporter, but you must accept that he has been trolled an awful lot.What he has done is now all in the past and is regardless for the present or the future.It simply doesn’t matter anymore.Why? He is the President of the Greatest country in this world.He has the ability to turn frowns into smiles and do so much good for this world.He has put himself on all the internet sites but has he put himself on the world map or in the timeline of this life?Mr.Trump,with all due respect,I am merely a developed adult. I’m a 16 year old teenager just waiting for somebody to assure my future a safe and happy one.I know what goes on in this world,but you know so much more.I know that so many people are suffering and that there is evil lurking around us.I’m just a child and I cannot do anything to help the people of Syria or help stop ISIS.That is why I turn to someone to do what I have no power to do. Do you truly understand the immense power you have?You are the greatest man on this earth and I’m not telling you how to do your job but I’m merely telling you what I expect as a citizen of this enormous world. Forget about the past and think about how you can light the future. Your famous campaign line is “Make America great again”,But I ask you why stop there? Your motto should be “MAKE THE WORLD GREAT AGAIN”.A good leader does not rule,he leads.A good leader does not build walls,but builds trust.I understand that there are people in this world that will make it almost impossible for you to do all this,but I believe YOU can beat them.Its not as easy as it sounds,it’s a thousand times harder but one step at a time Mr.Trump.One step at a time.Do good for the greater good and put the country and world before your ambitions and goals. Your goals should be the world’s goals. So forget about all that is against you and go out there make a difference,because,I truly believe you can.All the very best for the coming years and hopefully you do make my dreams come true,and the dreams of 7 billion people. It’a a burden I know, but you signed up for this so make us proud.

Yours sincerely,

A concerned citizen and now a supporter.






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